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Why children are adopted

These days very few babies are relinquished for adoption by their birth family. The majority of children in Portsmouth needing adoptive families are older children, sibling groups and children with special needs who have been made the subject of a care order by the court.

The following examples show the type of cases that we deal with:

Dawn, aged 18 months

The court has granted a care order so that they can arrange her long-term care. Her mother is suffering from a serious mental illness. There are other children in the family, but due to her illness the mother has never been able to successfully parent any of them .

For the first six months of her life Dawn lived at home with her mother (under close supervision by a number of professionals). It was finally decided that her mother could not provide a safe, stable environment.

A care order and placement order was sought and granted. Dawn has been lucky to be with the same foster carer for some time. She has thrived and achieved all the normal developmental milestones. It is a priority to find an adoptive family for her.

Susan, 6 years old and her brother Peter, 3

Their mother has had periods in her life when she has turned to drugs or alcohol in order to help her through the day. There has been a period of relative stability when Susan lived with her mother and partner. Unfortunately this relationship has not continued.

As a younger child Susan was often placed in foster care when her mother hit a crisis. Susan has often looked after her mother and tends to parent Peter. At their mother’s request, an adoptive family is being sought for both children. They both witnessed violence and have been physically abused and will undoubtedly have been damaged by some of their early life experiences.